Prisma by Dukas

represents photographers from all over the world and conveys images to the press and advertising


We supply the editorial and advertising users with good images on your behalf. We represent professional photographers and talented amateurs from all over the word. The image usage fees are regularly reported to the authors of the images on sales reports.

A creative style, image composition and high quality are essential. Be critical as a photographer when you select your images for submission. Your photos have a chance to be sold if they emerge from the mediocre mass of images available on the market.

Please send us a first portfolio submission as digital images on a CD/DVD or by Wetransfer or similar. We will be pleased to do a first evaluation of your work and edit a sample of about 200 of your images. Please note that next to the photographic quality the technical aspects are also important. The images have to be dust free and colour corrected. Scans of slides should be in a 50 mb size, in 300dpi this corresponds to a DIN A3 format. As colour space we recommend Adobe 98 RGB. If you take photographs with a digital camera, your camera should have a resolution of 10 Megapixels or higher.

Use the TIFF format to work on your images until they are optimally corrected, but please save the images that you submit to us as 300 dpi JPG format files with about 5 mb ‘weight’.This corresponds to the quality level 10 in Photoshop. Please do not sharpen the images.

The images should be adequately keyworded, only then can they be reliably retrieved from the database. Please send us the relevant metadata in an Excel file or in IPTC.

We require fresh images with the following subjects: business images, lifestyle and people from babies to children, teenagers, men and women up to seniors. Also travel photography, wildlife photography, food photography, nature photography, technical photography and symbolical concept images.

Please note that all images with people that you submit to us should be model released and that you should be in possession of all image rights.

Please contact us if you are interested in a collaboration.